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  • What time during the day do you drink your morning coffee

    What time during the day do you drink your morning coffee? Everyone wakes up at a totally different time because we all go to sleep at a totally di...
  • Creamy Caramel Coffee

  • Learn about your favorite roasts

    Typically there are 4 different roasts when talking about coffee. They are ranked from acidic to least acidic. Lighter roasts tend to be more acidic because they are not roasted as long as dark roast coffees. So lets start talking about the first roast on the scale and how it varies from the other roasts
  • Coffee Cubes

    Need a new and exciting way to excite your coffee cup. How about a glass of milk or your preferred choice of coffee/espresso/milky beverage. How about making coffee cubes! 
  • Cold Brew Summer!

    Coffee Plz wants everyone to know we think this is gonna be a huge summer for cold brew coffee drinkers! Obviously we're not sure where all of you live, but man is it getting hot here in the state of Florida. Today we were on the beach and the only thing I could think about enjoying was a nice cold cup of cold brew coffee. 
  • Easy. Fast. DIY Home Iced Latte

    Greetings everybody! Coffee Plz back at it with ANOTHER DIY at home recipe. This time for Iced lattes. Stop spending $4+ on a SINGLE serving of Sta...
  • Easy, Delicious at Home Cold Brew Coffee Recipe!

    Tired of brewing your coffee at night so it can chill overnight to fuel your iced coffee addiction? Tired of the bitter and meh taste of your at home iced coffee? Try our very own cold brew recipe!
  • Collaboration with Rick Ware Racing

    collaboration with Rick Ware Racing. An American motorsports team that competes in Nascar Cup series, WeatherTech SportsCar championship and Asian Le Mans series. We will be the official coffee supplier for Rick Ware racing
  • Updates from Coffee Plz

    Today we are announcing a few changes that are being made here at CoffeePlz! 

    If you haven't noticed our website looks very different than it did a few weeks ago. All for the better! 

    We hope you continue to be a CoffeePlz customer, thank you all for all of your wonderful support. 

    Stay tuned for more updates. 


  • DIY Home Frappuccino Recipe!

    Ever crave a frappuccino, but not want to spend the outrageous prices of starbucks? Ever want a frozen coffee but not want to spend the money at DD...
  • The founding of CoffeePlz

    How did I create this brand? I was bored one night and started brainstorming  online business ideas. This was roughly four weeks ago. It started with me creating a very diverse online store with 100 products within 5 minutes of searching an online supplier's website. That idea had to be scratched, my mind was in 10,000 different places and was not focused on 1 specific niche or products I was really into selling and branding. Thats where I stumbled upon starting my very own coffee brand. Our company will sell an assortment of single origin coffee, flavored coffee, and a few roasts of coffee.