Cold Brew Summer!

Coffee Plz wants everyone to know we think this is gonna be a huge summer for cold brew coffee drinkers! Obviously we're not sure where all of you live, but man is it getting hot here in the state of Florida. Today we were on the beach and the only thing I could think about enjoying was a nice cold cup of cold brew coffee. 

We believe we have a great tasting cold brew blend that all coffee lovers will enjoy. Our cold brew blend is roasted with chocolate, toffee, and floral notes that tastes delicious. If you are an at home cold brew coffee brewer we certainly have a blend you will love. It is even great to use in your nitro cold brew blends.

This would be the perfect product for your own little coffee shop to serve if you're looking to buzz your customers taste buds and have them running back for another cup. 

Stay tuned for more updates about our cold brew blend. It will definitely chill you out this summer. Especially when temperatures start hitting the 100's. Cold brew for life. No more drinking bitter or burnt iced coffee from local chain stores.

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