Learn about your favorite roasts

Typically there are 4 different roasts when talking about coffee. They are ranked from acidic to least acidic. Lighter roasts tend to be more acidic because they are not roasted as long as dark roast coffees. So lets start talking about the first roast on the scale and how it varies from the other roasts. Light roasted coffee.

Lighter roasted coffee beans are typically a light brown color. Because they have not been roasted for a long time. They do not have any oil on the surface of the bean. Many light roast coffees tend to have a toasty, grainy taste and are a more acidic roast. 

Medium roast coffee beans are slightly darker than lighter roasted beans. They are a medium brown color, a tad bit sweeter than than lighter roasts because the beans are less acidic. Medium roasted beans provide a well balanced flavor, aroma and acidity. So if you want a balanced cup of coffee that isn't as acidic and has a great aroma try going with a medium roast!

Next let's go over the basics of Med-Dark roasted coffee. Rich, darker colored beans with some oil on the surface. Coffee's with this roast typically have bittersweet aftertastes. The flavor and aroma of these coffee beans are fully extracted and the acidity in the roast completely disappears. The perfect choice for coffee drinkers that don't want acidic blends and also want to fully enjoy the flavor and smell of their coffee. 

Finally lets go over the dark roast blends of coffee. Beans are very shiny, oily and are black color. These beans are significantly more bitter than their counterpart roasts. All origin flavors of the coffee is gone and true flavors of the roasting process come out. This would mean that if during the roasting process, the beans were roasted with chocolate and caramel, you would truly be able to taste it in your coffee rather than just a coffee flavor. 

In conclusion, the lighter the roast the more acidic your coffee will be. The darker the roast the longer the beans have been processing, more flavor extracted during the roasting process, bitter and less acidic blends. We recommend trying a variety of blends to truly figure out what you like to drink.

If you're new to coffee drinking and want to dry a flavored coffee that is somewhere in the middle we recommend trying our caramel blend. A roast of coffee that is medium roasted with all natural caramel flavors. The brewing of this coffee will have your kitchen or office smelling like buttered popcorn, and provide you with satisfactory tastes. If you want a smooth dark roast we would direct you to our house 6 bean blend of coffee. Which is a great dark roast blend of 6 different beans from all over the world. A smooth and bold tasting coffee. And if you need an ultra dark roast we would steer you towards our french roast blend. The beans are roasted to the point of almost being burnt and with dark chocolate and caramel flavors. A smooth tasting dark roast with very low acidity.

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