The founding of CoffeePlz

CoffeePlz! What a name for a coffee brand right? Right. That was my first thought as I was sitting in my apartment after a long day of work (not really), COVID-19 has really halted air traffic and traveling and I work in an airport. Wait where was I? Enough about me lets get to spilling the beans on CoffeePlz's creation.

How did I create this brand? I was bored one night and started brainstorming  online business ideas. This was roughly four weeks ago. It started with me creating a very diverse online store with 100 products within 5 minutes of searching an online supplier's website. That idea had to be scratched, my mind was in 10,000 different places and was not focused on one specific niche or products I was really into selling and branding. Thats where I stumbled upon starting my very own coffee brand. Our company will sell an assortment of single origin coffee, flavored coffee, and a few roasts of coffee. Coffeeplz was formed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This motivation came from being tired of going to the grocery store and purchasing cheap, stale, gross coffee off of the shelves. I was tired of having to load my coffee up every morning with flavored creamer just so it would taste edible. I also hate spending three to six dollars on a single cup of coffee from the mainstream coffee suppliers. So that is how I came up with creating an online coffee brand, finding a supplier and then launching by business. I promise our coffee is tasty, fresh, and much better than what you will buy in a grocery store. Just wait till you get your first order in the mail, you will smell the aroma off our coffee before even seeing your coffee, that's how great our coffee is. 

My girlfriend and I have a light up sign up in our apartment with the words "Coffee Plz". As soon as I looked over and saw it I knew it would be the perfect the choice for my brand. Who doesn't wake up everything morning and drink coffee? No matter the situation, before work, during work, waking up early on a weekend day off, coffee is always the first thought on my mind. 

Anyways, I hope you all enjoy our coffee brand as we continue to build positive relationships with our customers and those who come to visit our store. 

Stay tuned for future updates, promotions, and business opportunities. 



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