Our Story

Here at Coffee Plz we believe that coffee isn't just a drink. It's a lifestyle, and fulfilling your lifestyle's needs for drinking speciality, fresh coffee is a desire we can fulfill. When you brew your coffee every morning, or let it chill overnight we want our coffee to be the best you ever had. This is why we roast our coffee daily and in small batches to provide the best tasting coffee we can to your door. Our blends and roasts are rich, full bodied and exceptionally smooth. Only using the best beans worldwide in our coffee brews.

Coffee Plz is owned by young entrepreneurs who want to provide a better service than what is currently out there. 5% of yearly profits are donated back to sustainable coffee growers.

We are looking to inspire and change peoples minds by drinking only the freshest and best tasting coffee. Freshly roasted coffee is better tasting than grounds or beans that sit on a store shelf for weeks or even months. If you're looking to change the way you serve or drink coffee we would love the opportunity to supply your business or household with the freshest, boldest tasting coffee.