Coffee Plz for Business

Looking for a coffee provider for your business center? Looking to provide your customers with the freshest coffee in your restaurant, coffee shop, or hotel? How about sustainably grown coffee beans? 

Coffee Plz offers a generous wholesale package for interested retailers and businesses looking to use our coffee beans for their business. We will give you the best possible rate on our blends, flavors & single origin coffee's to help your business succeed.

We offer 5lb bags of whole bean or drip coffee grounds that can be used and delivered to your business within 3-5 days of ordering so make sure you place your order a week or 2 in advance. 

The first 5 businesses that we partner with will be given a founder's addition price and receive 25% off our going rate for our 5lbs of coffee rate. Because we sell premium, speciality coffee beans expect our prices to be a tad higher than just a typical coffee you can get a at restaurant supply store. We are willing to work an negotiate to be able to help your business succeed. Remember the better coffee you sell the more you can charge as well. An average cup of coffee using our speciality coffee beans on average is 20 cents a serving.

Those interested should contact:

Call or Text 484-794-8561

Please give 1-3 Business days for a response.